2016, ICC Happy New Year

We would like to say thank you to our loyal customers and and extend special gratitude to our new clients who gave ICC a try for this first time this year. We hope your experience working with ICC has been a pleasure and we exceeded your expectations. 


  • ICC rolled out a new Shipping Guarantee this year. We are so confident in our process and efficiency that if we miss a promised ship date you get 10% off invoice. Straight time, overtime, emergency. We take every ship date seriously. There's a cost to being late, so if it's our fault, we'll pay for it. No exceptions.
  • New Equipment - we added 13 pieces of new equipment, a manual lathe for secondary production operations, a 2nd manual lathe for maintenance operations, radial drill for use in fabricating larger steel parts and a semi-automatic chop saw that will be used for sawing copper bars, just to name a few. We implemented new manufacturing software InforVISUAL, and we aggressively trained our outstanding team.
  • ICC Insider, a blog and video series you can subscribe to for answers about comm and slip ring maintenance, repairs and other frequently asked questions.  At ICC we believe in helping our customers and industry partners achieve success by sharing best practices. ICC Insider takes you inside our facility and aims to give repair shop owners helpful information to expedite repairs on their end leading to satisfied clients returning time and time again.

We look forward to working with you in 2016!

       ~ ICC Team