Extension Banding

We've said it before but it's worth repeating.
Good extension banding is absolutely critical to maintain the life of your comm. Banding with gaps and cracks allows for carbon to infiltrate, ultimately leading to shorts or even worse, complete failures. It's important to inspect the banding from time to time as well as coat the banding and the front face of the bars with Viton or Limitrac.
If you have any questions ICC is always here to help, even if you didn't buy your comm from us

Extension Banding

Undercutting: Glassband Commutator

Glassband comms come in all shapes and sizes. Here, this tall, skinny comm is receiving pre-undercutting. Many clients choose to have ICC do the pre undercutting to save hours on their shop floor. And while he looks great in green that tape is in place to protect against any contamination. It will be removed, tested and QC'ed again before heading over to have risers straightened. https://iccinternational.com/building-process

Glassband Commutator undercutting

News Sentinel Article: Women CEOs in East Tennessee

‘I have made a discovery. When interviewed while on vacation, the result is far more personal, and maybe just a little more human than when I answer the very same questions while sitting at my desk. When reading it with as much objectivity as I could muster, I found it to be an interesting result, but it certainly gets to the heart of what it’s like to be a part of ICC and it’s culture. Thanks to Brenna McDermott for taking the time to delve into life as a CEO from women’s perspectives.’ - Laura Lyle, President and CEO

Read the full article here.

#WomenInBusiness #WomenCEO #WomenInManufacturing #FemaleEntrepreneur #WomenWhoLead #SmallBusinessOwner

#WomenInBusiness #WomenCEO #WomenInManufacturing #FemaleEntrepreneur #WomenWhoLead #SmallBusinessOwner

Materials Matter

The commutator is the heart of a DC motor. While it doesn't take a large variety of materials to manufacture a comm the choices we make couldn't be more critical. With fewer DC motors in operation today, big DC required to perform better than ever. Did you know that silphos braze materials can actually cause issues with connectivity as the joint breaks down in certain applications? Instead, 38% silver braze will eliminate this risk and provide a stronger connection over time, both mechanically and electrically. The right material and design can prolong the life and performance of your commutators. https://iccinternational.com/building-process

Commutator materials copper steel mica res-i-glass tape

DC is here to stay.

So maybe that’s not a statement you hear every day, but hear me out. As the DC motor market shrinks, where they are still used, the performance standards are higher than ever. Big DC must be engineered to support improved motor performance, and withstand more rigorous operating conditions. The commutator is a huge contributor to this as a major component, and ICC is the company worldwide that is continually working to improve the processes, materials, and the finished product. Watch our most recent video from the EASA International conference to learn more, and tell us what you think. I, for one, am committed to improving the health of this industry not just in North America, but around the world. Please join me. Laura Lyke, President & CEO

ICC is Seeking a Full-Time Machinist

Do you know anyone hoping to work for a great company? ICC is seeking candidates to join us in the following position as we expand operations. Position is available immediately.

ICC is hiring Machinist


ICC is seeking a senior level machinist for our evening shift position. Candidates will need to setup and operate manual lathes and be able to edit macro programming for CNC. A great machinist needs to possess manual dexterity and an eye for detail. They must also have knowledge of mathematics and mechanics as well as respect for safety precautions.

Review samples, drawings or instructions to understand the specifications of output
Plan the sequence of necessary actions for the completion of a job
Select appropriate machines (e.g. lathes) and position or load material for a job
Monitor machine while working to adjust the feed, maintain temperature and identify issues
Check output to ensure consistency with specifications and discard defects
Keep records of approved and defective units or final products

Plan to build a career here, as we offer bonus programs, full benefits (currently 100% paid by ICC for employees, and 50% paid for your family), and a great atmosphere. ICC is an equal opportunity employer.

Qualified applicants should send resumes with salary expectations and shift availability to: Careers@ICCInternational.com or you may complete an application on site at 1620 Robert C. Jackson Drive, Maryville, TN 37801

Closing out 2018 with our 35 Acts of Kindness Campaign

2018 was an incredible year for ICC. 
Beyond being the best year in our history, winning the Small Business of The Year award for Blount County, we completed our 35 Acts of Kindness Campaign in celebration of 35 years in business.

We hire great people, who build and service great products, and this allows us to give back to the community. With the effort and commitment to doing good, we believe that our success this year represents this coming full circle. We will forever be grateful.

Here is the final compilation of all 35 Acts of Kindness.

From all of us at ICC, Thank You.

We couldn’t do it without you! As 2018 closes as our best year in history, we are humbled by the support of all our partners - customers and suppliers alike. Your loyalty and commitment to shared values of integrity, quality, reliability and kindness make you the very best partners we could wish for, and we appreciate all of you.

2019 will bring new opportunities, with which we will be honored to help in any way we can. Whether for commutators, slip rings and GE parts, or just as a sounding board for new projects and business issues, we will always ensure that your trust in us is well placed.

Thank you again, and have a happy, happy Holiday Season.

ICC International Christmas Party

ICC International Partners with Cortela Carbon

ICC International and Cortela Carbon are excited to announce a new alliance that will give Australia and South East Asia vastly improved access to commutators and General Electric motors and parts in the industrial space. As the OE supplier of commutators to GE, and as the only GE industrial motor distributor in North America that is also a GE supplier, ICC has signed an agreement with Cortela Carbon to bring all GE and ICC products to Cortela Carbon's serviced markets.

"As an independent player not in competition with motor repair, Cortela Carbon is in the perfect position to aggressively supply motor shops and end users in this underserviced region," explains Laura Lyke, President & CEO of ICC. Rob Marschner, Director of Cortela Carbon, adds that "We are two companies with shared values and vision, uniquely committed to giving Australasia and South East Asia an easier road to obtaining these much-needed products."

ICC International is based in Maryville, Tennessee, USA and Cortela Carbon is headquartered in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, with satellite operations in Perth, Melbourne and New Zealand. The arrangement will officially begin November 5th, 2018, but initial product orders can be filled immediately by contacting John Hamlin, General Manager of Cortela Carbon. Questions can be directed to either ICC or Cortela at the contact points listed below.

John Hamlin, General Manager, Cortela Carbon

12-14 Helium Street, Narangba QLD 4504
Australia, +61 7 3888 2122

Laura Lyke, President & CEO, ICC International

1620 Robert C. Jackson Drive, Maryville, TN USA 37801

ICC International, Blount County Small Business of The year Award Recipient

We won! This team of caring people is incredible! We are so honored to be recognized as Blount County’s Small Business of the Year. We have measured our success internally not only by top and bottom lines but by lives we change. This 35th year has been special, and we are proud to be a part of this remarkable community in the Foothills of the Smoky Mountains.

ICc International Best of Blount Small Business of the year award
ICc International Best of Blount Small Business of the year award

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about YOU.

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