ICC manufactures virtually all types and sizes of commutators and slip rings for industrial applications. While all materials meet or exceed traction specifications, our specialty is in building one-of-a-kind or small volume industrial products. ICC manufactures commutators from 2" to more than 10 feet in diameter. In addition to refilling or repairing existing units, we build new units that are re-engineered from existing product, built to OEM drawings or designed in-house. With more than 35 years experience, we work with our clients to improve designs for various applications, and we have experience building the most complex units found in the market today.

ICC has focused efforts in recent years on addressing the stringent demands on the motors of today's industries. ICC has implemented procedures at every stage designed to guarantee the production of commutators which are highly stable mechanically and which maximize electrical efficiency. In the subsequent pages you will find brief descriptions and illustrations of the different commutator types.