ICC International Quality Policy

ICC Commutators and Slip Rings

Our employees understand and implement this quality policy throughout all processes to ensure a quality product and customer satisfaction.

The performance standards and demands on large industrial DC motors in today’s market are more rigorous than ever before. As such, attention to quality and detail of every component, including commutators and collector rings, becomes more critical.

ICC International is committed to building the highest quality commutators and collector rings for these applications, devoting our resources to ongoing improvement in process, materials and finished products.

The employees of ICC International strive to provide consistent high-quality, best-in-class reliability and total cost solutions for our customers worldwide. We conduct business with honesty and integrity, and endeavor to provide solutions and improvements in every transaction.

Every single employee of ICC, regardless of role, is dedicated to creating a company which leads the world in quality products and reliable deliveries. We are redefining excellence in products and services, supporting our customers and the motor repair industry worldwide.