Compression Seasoning

We Have Reputations to Protect.
Yours and Ours.


Tight commutators are the solution to most of the mechanical problems you deal with day in and day out.

Spin Seasoning takes copper and mica segments and uses centrifugal force to push the
segments to their maximum diameter. That doesn't mean the commutator is tight. Bars that
shouldn't be able to move outward, will still shift and move inward.

Compression Seasoning takes copper and mica segments and compresses them to their
absolute minimum diameter. The segments are mechanically and thermally locked in place so that nothing can move in either direction. Individual pieces effectively become a solid piece of metal.

To achieve this, we use extremely tight tolerances and the highest quality materials. We use
processes designed to compact the commutator during assembly and retain this tightness
throughout production. We found a way to build commutators that meet our standards. And this way is better than anything the industry has ever seen before.

Our customers deserve better reliability. And we believe that there is always a better way.
This is it. 

We have 100% success. ICC has NEVER had a commutator returned or reported for loose
bars. In fact, in quantified ping testing, ICC commutators get the highest ratings in recorded
history, based on one of our customers’ findings.

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