DC motors are part of a very old industry, so it would be easy to be complacent and to do things the same old way.  At ICC, we improve. Every single day. It's part of our culture. The result is comms that are more stable. Because bars that never move commutate better and result in less brush wear.  It takes attention to detail at every step, and a commitment to building the very best commutators you can buy.

ICC International is a small, woman-owned business in East Tennessee. We build industrial commutators that reach 12 feet in diameter for customers around the world. People are the heart of this business, and ICC employees have grown the business by 600% under current ownership.  We are not a production facility where commutators and slip rings are created at the push of a button. We custom design and build every single product. We use only materials which meet the most stringent specifications, and our proprietary processes capitalize on the hundreds of years of combined experience that our machinists and craftsmen bring to ICC.


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